Obtén un numero de VAT para tu empresa en Estonia. El número VAT intracomunitario es un código único que identifica a una empresa sujeta a impuestos. Muchas empresas enfrentan estrictos requisitos de cumplimiento del IVA cuando comienzan a operar en el extranjero.

VAT Number

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If you are looking for a global expansion for your company and you have discovered the many benefits and opportunities of entering new markets with your company in Estonia, then the next step is to register for VAT or Intra-Community VAT.


What is the VAT Number?

The  intra-community VAT number is a unique code that identifies a company subject to tax. VAT Number (value added tax), is a type of tax applied to consumption and sale of goods / services; in the case of Estonia, it corresponds to 20%.

Many companies face strict VAT compliance requirements at the moment of starting operations abroad. Whether they provide services cross-borders, ship products overseas to a fulfillment center (ex. FBA Amazon), provides digital services to other business and consumers, they'll likely have a VAT number.

Sunny Latam will support you throughout the process so that you can obtain your VAT number between 2-4 business days. 

What is the VAT Number for?

The VAT number helps you track the amount of taxes your business pays and collects (incoming and outgoing VAT) through purchases and sales (expenses and income). 

  1. Helps to identify client's tax status and tax place,
  2. For B2B purchases / sales, (Reverse Charge Mechanism),
  3. To complete the VAT refund form, make sure you include your company VAT number on all your receipts and invoices.

Does my company needs a VAT Number? 

It depends, if your company meets or will meet the following:

  • You buy goods or services from other E.U. companies, for example: Facebook and Google ads, or other digital services,
  • You sell goods (physical products) to consumers (B2B and/or B2C) within the E.U. 
  • You sell traditional services, like: web development, design, marketing, consulting, among others, to other companies (B2B) in the E.U. and your sales exceed €40,000 a year,
  • You sell Digital Services (SaaS/SaaP) to european clients (B2B and/or B2C),
  • Some part of the manufacturing, transit, wharehousing or distribution of goods or services, happens in Estonia.


What do we do?

We review the business details with you in order to submit the online application and conduct an interview with the Estonian Tax Office in your behalf. 

Important: Only the Estonian Tax Office is authorized to issue a VAT number, so obtaining the registration is at discretion of the authorities.

*Los servicios de Registro de VAT y código EORI, son proporcionados por nuestro partner e-resident store OÜ, cod. reg.: 12490601, licencia #FIU000124 para Servicios Financieros, Servicio de Fondos Fiduciarios y Empresas. E-resident store OÜ será registrado como Authorized Contact Person, siendo este socio comercial  de Sunny Latam (Konfia OÜ).